The Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity (DAVP) is the nodal agency to undertake multi-media advertising and publicity for various Ministries and Departments of Government of India. Some of the Autonomous Bodies also route their advertisements through DAVP. As a service agency, it endeavours to communicate important social advertising messages in an effective manner and to empower citizens of this great nation.

At DAVP, the paid publicity requirements of all Central Government organizations, PSUs or Government Societies are met. Depending on the Client Ministry’s target audience, and budget, a range of media are used like newspapers, TV and radio channels including outdoor publicity options such as hoardings and messages in the Railways.

Role :

DAVP has been working as a catalyst of social change and economic growth over the years. It has been instrumental in creating awareness amongst masses on socio-economic themes, seeking their participation in developmental activities and for eradication of poverty and social evils. DAVP

  • Performs the functions of a multi-media advertising agency for the Central Government.
  • Acts as a service agency for Central Government Ministries/Departments to meet their publicity needs including production of media inputs as well as dissemination of messages/information.
  • Helps Central Government Departments in formulating communication strategies/media plans and implementing them at the grass-roots level by providing multi-media support.

Channels of communication:

  • Advertisements
  • Exhibitions
  • Outdoor Publicity including Hoardings, Kiosks, Bus panels, Wall paintings, Cinema slides, Banners etc.
  • Printed Publicity  including Booklets, Folders, Posters, Leaflets, Calendars, Diaries etc.
  • Audio & Visual Publicity  including Spots/Quickies, Jingles, Sponsored Programmes, Short Films etc.
  • Mailing of publicity material
  • Digital media publicity through Bulk SMSs, Website and other emerging Media.

Regional Offices

DAVP has a network of offices spread all over the country. DAVP has

1. Two Regional Offices at Bangalore and Guwahati to coordinate the Directorate’s activities in the region.

2. Two Regional Distribution Centres at Calcutta and Chennai look after distribution of publicity material in Eastern and Southern regions, respectively.

3. 35 Field Exhibition Units which include seven mobile exhibition vans, seven family welfare units and 21 General Field Exhibition units.

4. Regional Exhibition Workshop at Chennai and

5. Exhibition Kit Production Centre at Guwahati to assist the Exhibition Division at headquarters in designing and fabricating exhibits.